Confidence On Parade – Marching To Your Own Beat

Confidence On Parade – Marching To Your Own Beat

1963. Lubbock, Texas. Texas Tech College. (Yes, it was still a “college” back then). Jones Stadium. Texas Tech vs. Doesn’t matter. My guess is, like most games during my tenure at TT, the game was a loss but, that is not the story I want to tell.

Win or lose, the halftime was always better than the games during those dry years at Tech. The “Goin’ Band From Raiderland” would take the field…all of it… at halftime and, literally, the fans would stay in their seats. They would go to the bathroom and get something to drink or eat during the game but not at halftime.

The band, that day, was doing their usual fine job of marching and playing while intricately maneuvering up and down the field in patterns that mystified those of us that had trouble walking in a straight line while NOT playing an instrument.

My friend, Larry Glazner, played the bassoon in the regular band and something else in the marching band. Larry’s dad, P.T. and my Dad worked together so I knew Larry better than most people in the stands that sunny day in Lubbock. Well, the band was in the middle of one of their maneuvers and Larry pivoted on his heel and turned exactly the opposite direction of the rest of the 150 or so other band members.

O The Humanity! Nothing that exciting had happened in The Hub City since the senior class at Lubbock High put twenty pounds of detergent in the demonstration irrigation pump pool in front of Irrigation Supply Company on fourth street and flooded the entire area with six feet of suds.

Well, instead of scrambling back into formation, Larry, man of confidence that he was, began doing maneuvers of his own as if he was right and the other 149 were wrong! Absolutely hilarious! Here he was, ten yards straight, turn smartly to the left for five yards then, pivoting to the right and down the field further and further from the band. OMG! Forget the game people! This was mesmerizing entertainment!

I can’t even begin to describe all of the machinations Larry went through as he moved left and right and backwards and forwards for at least two minutes until the unimaginable happened. As the band was crossing the fifty-yard line for the umpteenth time, Larry spun on his heel, took a hard right and joined back up with them in the exact spot he vacated two minutes before. Awesome.

The 40,000 in the stands of Jones Stadium erupted!

What would you have done that day if you turned the wrong way in front of 40,000 people? Scramble madly back into your position chasing the band down the field?

Or, would you, with confidence and style, march to your own beat and let the other 149 members catch up with you? Sometimes we simply have to make the best of a difficult experience. Remember Larry when that happens to you.

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