What Do You Bring To The Game?

There are many times when I catch myself wondering, ”Exactly what do I bring to the game”. Maybe you’ve had the same thought. Well, if you think about it you will discover that you have some of the puzzle pieces that other people need in order to complete or at least bring more clarity to their particular puzzle.

When you come to the table to meet with a new contact it’s like you have your sack of puzzle pieces over you shoulder, speaking metaphorically of course, and they have theirs. And, as you talk and begin to relate life stories, business backgrounds, relationships, community and non-profit involvements, the puzzle pieces begin to come out of the bags and assemble on the table.

Before you know it, you begin to see how the pieces fit together to form a new picture. It is the picture of how you and the other person can help each other connect to a relationship or a resource that will get closer to your destinations. To be successful at this “puzzle building” game, you must be willing to give (put your pieces on the table) and take the risk that you might not get an equal return. Or any return at all. It’s called giving FIRST. That’s how you build a successful network.

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