Can A Relationship Change Your Hearing?

The sound created when a metal bat makes violent contact with a rawhide ball has never been pleasing to my ear. That sound just didn’t agree with me. But that changed when that tinny irritating sound came from a metal bat wielded by my Grandson, Parker. Now, it is absolute music to my ears. Now, there is no sound so sweet as the “ping” of the metal bat coming in contact with the ball followed by the shouts of parents, coaches, teammates and assorted family members as he scrambles to the safety of the big thick rubber island known as “first base”. Or, if it’s a BIG “ping”, second or third base! Or more!

The observation is this: The same sound that was an irritation somehow changed to being a beautiful sound, not by changing its sound, but rather by my being in relationship with something or, in this case, someone I love that was making that sound.

What a testimony to the power of relationship! It can change your heart, your mind and even your hearing. It can change your thinking and opinions and even drive you to the sporting goods store to buy…you guessed it…a more expensive metal bat.

As you are building your personal and business networks, make sure that you give the relationships a little runway before you make any snap judgments. Something that is not pleasing to you, their actions, words or looks, may just fade into the distance once you get to know them and build a relationship.

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